Why only celebrate Global Running Day, when we can make it Global Running Week?

Join us for the return of the CRC Poker Run. We had such a blast with you last year for this event, we could not wait to do it again!

Looking to register for the Poker Run, do so here!

Need to join the club, you can do that here!

The 2022 Poker Run event has been updated a little bit, to hopefully allow for an easier contest, and a whole lot more fun. Check out all the thrilling details below!

Prizes (aka the good stuff):

  1. Grand Prize:

    • $120 gift card to Foot of the Rockies (Ready for a shopping spree!!!)

    • 1 Hour Massage at Hometown Chiropractic Massage (Just what every runner wishes for! - Courtesy of Hands On Physical Therapy)

  2. 2nd Place:

    • Little Lotus Yoga 5 Class Runner's Pack (Courtesy of Little Lotus Yoga)

      • Includes:

        1. Little Lotus Yoga 5 Class Pack (for you and 4 friends, or keep all 5 for just you, we are not judging)

        2. Little Lotus Yoga Water Bottle (so you can stay hydrated during your yoga sesh)

        3. Little Lotus Yoga T-Shirt (because we know you desire a stylish summer)

  3. 3rd Place:

    • Free entry into the Will Run for Cannoli 5k (a 5k race and Cannoli, do we really need to say anything more? - Courtesy of Will Run for Cannoli 5k)

    • A Nutritional Consult or Reiki Energy Healing Session at Good Vibes Wyoming (Oh, the difficult choice here! - Courtesy of Hands On Physical Therapy)

How to Play:

From June 1 - 7, go for a run, or several, and stop by each of the event sponsors to draw a playing card. Be sure to take a selfie with your card, ensuring the card value is clear to see. Return the card to the deck, and thank our sponsors for being so amazing to support this event! Build your best poker hand to take on others in the running community and have a chance to score some great prizes! Plan out your runs and routes, as card pickup is only available during a business's posted hours. Please only collect one card per business throughout the week.

Options for extra cards. A poker hand consists of 5 cards, so the first way to gather an additional card is to stop by each of the 6 Poker Stops to collect 6 cards. If a runner participates in every CRC planned group run through June 1-7, they will receive an additional card following the June 7 run. See our calendar for all planned runs.

Contest Rules:

All players must register for the event and be a current member of the Cheyenne Running Club by 11:59 PM MDT on June 6. If you are not yet a member, membership is only $20 annually, and not only grants you entry into this event, but also provides access to exclusive membership discounts to local businesses and races.

Membership link may be found here, or for more information, please visit here.

Contest registration may be found here.

To submit your poker hand, please send us an email, or Facebook private message by 8pm on June 7. Message must include all selfies images of you and your card within the business card was drawn at. Picture must be clear to see the poker card value, you, and the business. If picture is not clearly visible for these items, it will not be accepted. A screen capture of your run routes, and/or a public link to a fitness app (like strava) must also be submitted for each of your runs, except for any run where you participated in a planned club run.

The participants with the top three 5 card poker hands will win a prize based on their place. If for any reason a tie may occur, a tie breaker may commence by a rigorous obstacle course challenge, well, or by just looking at any bonus cards, or drawing another from the deck.

Terms and Conditions (the boring, but important stuff):

Participation is open to all area runners, however, only Cheyenne Running Club members* are eligible for prizes.

Participants must follow all rules as posted in the rules and terms and conditions section, or risk disqualification from event. Validation of compliance is at the discretion of the Cheyenne Running Club

An eligible run must be at least one mile in length, with the route including the business where participant is drawing a poker card from.

Submission of registration is your consent to allow photos taken during the event and those submitted to be utilized by the Cheyenne Running Club and event sponsors in social media and advertising for this and future events.

Participation in this, or any other Cheyenne Running Club event, is done at the participants risk. The Cheyenne Running Club is not responsible for any injuries sustained during such activities.

*Club membership is good for one year from date of joining the club. Non-members, or members looking to renew their membership may do so at https://square.link/u/TalaZnIB.