What's next for the Cheyenne Running Club?

Oh the glory of Winter Trails!

Winter is an absolute wonderland in Happy Jack, with groomed trails, and nothing but fun. Let your inner trail running child out to play! We run 2 Sundays a month all winter.

Coffee, Donut, and Bagel Runs are Back!

And this year, we are making things a bit more fun with a set rotation of weekly spots each month to enjoy some great post run libations. Then on every 5th Saturday, we will bRUNch!

This Month's GPS Art Run!

This fun, 5 mile group run is just right around the corner! Join us January 28, 9:30 am at Freedom's Edge Brewing Company.

What are we all about?

The Cheyenne Running Club was created to bring together local runners through training, group runs, and a variety of other fun activities. It is our desire to grow this community in a positive and supportive manner, to allow runners of all abilities to feel welcome to enjoy all the benefits and joys found in running.  So whether you are new to running, or have been running for ages, we invite you to come run with us!

The Cheyenne Running Club is a 501c3 nonprofit organization for public benefit.

Check out club events and local runs happening this week!

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To learn more about the benefits of becoming a member of the Cheyenne Running Club, follow the link below!