Weekly Club Group Runs

Track Tuesday

Tuesday mornings at 6AM

June - August

Speed work is a great addition to any training regimen. This 12 week series from Coach Erin Leaf is a fantastic addition to any training regimen.  Whether you are looking ahead to the fall race season, or wanting to become a stronger runner, join us for one heck of a great time!

Rise & Shine!

Wednesday mornings at 5:30AM

September - May

Come Rise & Shine with the Cheyenne Running Club for a fantastic start to your Tuesday! This is a weekly event great for all skill and experience levels. So come join us to jog, run, run/walk, or even skip any distance you feel like. We change up our route each week to cruise through different parts of the surrounding areas, plus there are many food / coffee options for that well earned post run treat.  As an added bonus, portions of the year we will also provide runners the chance to welcome the sun and bask in the splendor of a Wyoming sun rise! 

Shoes Cruise to Booze

Thursday evenings

All Year

Thursday nights should be a celebration, as we are almost through the traditional work week. So why not have some fun with a free Cheyenne Running Club run, then socialize after over nice pint of a frosty beverage. This weekly event will move locations each week, to mix up the terrain and booze options. Though please note, post run drinks are optional.

As always, our runs are good for everyone at all pace, skill, distance, and experience levels. These runs are just about getting together with other runners to enjoy the social aspect of our sport.

Coffee Run

Saturday mornings

Mid September - Mid June

Start the week off with a little run, then indulge in some fun socializing with your fellow runners over a cup joe.  Of course, any coffee or treats are purely optional.  Locations vary by week, to keep things fresh.  'Cause we all know there is nothing worse than old coffee.

This is a weekly event great for all skill and experience levels. So come join us to jog, run, run/walk, or even skip any distance you feel like. 

Trail Run

Weekend mornings

All Year

Join us for an adventure in the dirt, where we will rotate locations each week between Curt Gowdy, Happy Jack, Vedauwoo, and 3 of our in town trail systems.  If you are new to trails, this is a great way to get a taste of the splendor that is trail running.  No special equipment or shoes are required, though a good pair of trail shoes can be beneficial in any of the forest locations.

Trail running is typically slower than road running, often includes more elevation gain, and will definitely include some epic scenery. So come take it slow and see what all the fuss is about!

Monthly Runs

Sunday mornings monthly                                       October - May

GPS Art Runs

We have partnered with Little Lotus Yoga for the best Triathlon experience you could ask for.  Run + Yoga + Beer!!  For these events, join us for a theme inspired run where we draw fun designs with our running route through the streets of downtown Cheyenne.  Following the run, enjoy a nice yoga session with Theresa Hansen of Little Lotus Yoga, then a tasty pint of Freedom's Edge Brewing Company brew.  This one certainly makes for a great day!

The run is free, then current club members may book yoga and beer for only $18 ( a 10% savings).

Annual Events

First Run

New Year's Day

Celebrate the new year with the first run of the year, just enjoy it with some running buddies!

Winter Adventure : Snowshoe Wandering


We won't let a little thing like winter deter us from having a great time in the outdoors.

π Day

March 14

Why not get a little quirky and celebrate the well rounded mathmatical importance of PI?  Celebrate with special themed GPS run route and some pi(e), of course!!

The Great Egg Hunt


Nothing is quite as fun as an Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday, well until you do it CRC style!  Go for a run along the Greenway anytime during the contest window on Easter and hunt for your special egg.  Prizes are up for grabs, and this is a free contest for all active club members.  Non members may join in the fun too, for a chance to score a club membership.

May the 4th Be With You

May 4th

This one has a tendency to change each year for what we may do.  Sometimes it may be a weekend of Star Wars themed running routes, maybe some Yoda Yoga, a run in Star Wars attire, or a Tie Fighter Rise & Shine!  Stay tuned to see what might be next.

Greenway Clean-Up

May and September

We love our Greenway system here in Cheyenne, so a few years ago we decided to adopt 2 sections near Holliday Park. This is an excellent way to give back to the community we enjoy so much. Please come join us, and help us clean-up the Greenway, then, let's go enjoy some brunch after!

We will provide trash bags, gloves, and water! Friends and family are welcome to participate, the more the merrier!

Global Running Week

Week around Global Running Day

An immensely fun tradition, where we will celebrate Global Running Week with several group runs, including special run(s) on Global Running Day.  We will also have daily raffles for club members to win sweet prizes.  This also pairs with our annual Poker Run to allow runners to collect cards to build their best hands for an opportunity at some phenomenal prizes!! This one is all about celebrating running, and especially celebrating our club members.

Annual Hike

Late Summer, or Early Fall

As runners, we like to be active, and out in nature.  So that just means we are often attracted to wherever the trails may take us, even when it does not involve running.  Our annual hike is something to look forward to, as we change up locations, get off the paved path, and head out for adventure.

Soda Cheers & 

Frosty Beers Mile

September / October

Began in 2021, the Soda Cheers & Frosty Beers Mile is an epic challenge of skill, dedication, and exquisite focus.  Well, maybe not so much... This event is all about having some silly fun with running.  The goal is to run a mile, within one hour.  See, easy!  Oh, then you do also need to drink 12 oz of beer or soda before each quarter mile of that mile run.  Are you up for this challenge?

This is only one of several events at the annual Oktoberfestathon celebration, bringing together many of the things we love most: bikes, beer, brats, and (b)running! 

5K Training

November - December

Winter 5Ks are great, and one of our favorites is the Christmas Classic put on by our great friends at Foot of the Rockies.  So let's get prepared together with 2 excellent training programs from RRCA certified running coach Erin Leaf.  Whether you are seeking to run your first 5K, or run your best 5K, there's a plan for it!

Run The Lights


We will run a leisurely route, carefully planned to showcase many stunning holiday displays along the way. There will also be a holiday scavenger hunt along the way, and possibly some music to get you in the mood.  Dress festive, and celebrate this fun CRC family tradition! 

Nog Jog


What is a Nog Jog, you may ask? Well... it is a fun festive celebration where all you have to do is run 4 laps at 400 m each. Oh, and drink an 8 to 12 oz cup of eggnog or apple cider before each lap. Easy! Though a fair bit of warning, going slow is likely the best way to do this one.