• How far do you typically run?

    • This is fully dependent on the day's participants, as we will check to see what everyone is feeling like before we begin. This could mean we do a 1 mile run, or maybe we do 6. None-the-less, we adjust easily, as we just want everyone to have the chance to run with others. The only exceptions to this will be our Strava Art runs, which are typically 3-6 miles, but will have routes posted in advance, or training runs under the Half Marathon or 5K programs. For the training runs, distance may be defined, but we will do out and back routes to allow anyone to turn around to head back at whatever point they would like.

  • I am a slow runner, won't I slow you down?

    • We do this just to run, so pace is never a concern. We have jog/walkers, dog runners, speedy runners, slow runners, and everything in between. There may get to be separation from time to time, but the faster runners will either turnaround and run back, or wait for those of us behind to catch up, we don't leave anyone behind. In large enough groups, we will have different paced groups going as well. On any of our marked route runs, everyone is free to run at whatever pace they want, then we meet up to socialize after.

  • May I bring my dogs out on runs?

    • Yes, please do, we love running with furry friends. As long as your pooch is well behaved, and you ensure to keep a close eye on them to ensure the safety of your fellow runners.

  • Do I need to be a member to participate in any of the club runs?

    • Membership is not a requirement to participate, as all activities are free to attend and open to the public, unless otherwise noted. If you enjoy the club activities, you are encouraged to join the club, as there are many benefits, including eligibility for many of the contests and drawings held throughout the year.