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The 4th Annual Cheyenne Marathon, featuring a marathon, half marathon, and 5k, will be held on September 18th at the Archer Recreation Complex just off I-80, Exit 370, in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The race will feature a brand new and scenic course.

The Cheyenne Running Club has partnered with Cheyenne Marathon and Gold's Gym to bring our running community an all new training experience. Things will kick off with a Cross Training Series "Strength to Race" with Gold's Gym Trainer Branko Oktavec, an OPEX CCP Coach, TRS mobility & movement specialist, StickMobility L1 coach, Crossfit L1 coach, and Ironman 70.3 World Championship 2022 qualifier. Learn why strength and conditioning is important, and how proper strength training will not only make you a better runner, but will also better support your body for injury prevention.

Next, we have prepared an 18 week Marathon and a 12 week Half Marathon training plan specially for the Cheyenne Marathon races. Both distances include beginner and Intermediate options. Throughout the training plan, Competitive Masters Marathoner and Road Runners Club of America Coach Erin Leaf, will be sharing weekly tips and training advice with our club members.

Finally, we will host weekly in person Bike Night cross training, Speed Work sessions, and Long Runs that align with the 12 week Half Marathon plan, giving you an opportunity to find motivation and encouragement through social running. We will also host occasional informational sessions following long runs. We hope you are ready for an enjoyable challenge as you prepare to realize your race goals.

All group activities are excellent for runners of all skill levels and paces. See below for more details, including the training plan, information on the many different activities throughout training, and then check out our event calendar for specifics on event locations and times.

To register for the Cheyenne Marathon, or for additional race information, please visit the Cheyenne Marathon website here

Strength to Race begins April 2, 2022

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Marathon Training begins

May 16, 2022

Half Training begins June 27, 2022

Check out this year's training plan here, or a brief overview of the recurring in person training events below.

Let's get ready for race day!

Strength to Race

10:30 AM Select Saturdays April - July at Gold's Gym

Strength training and conditioning is a vital part of the training process that frequently gets overlooked by most runners. Learn why it is important, and how proper strength training will not only make you a better runner, but will also better support your body for injury prevention. Spots are limited, so please make sure to register now to guarantee your place in class.

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Bike Night

6 PM Mondays at Cahill Park

Cross training is an important aspect to every training plan. For this year's Training, we want to provide a group opportunity for everyone to cross train together. Come join us for an hour long ride to work your core and legs. Each week's ride will go anywhere from 12 to 16 miles.

Speed Work

6 AM Tuesdays at Hobbs Elementary School Track

Did you know speed work is about so much more than getting faster? It stresses your body to increase strength and flexibility, it boosts your body's response to fatigue, it even trains your body to do more on less fuel, and these are only a few of the benefits.

So whether you are new to running, or been running for years, we invite you join us for our weekly speed work sessions. Since 2020, this has become one of our most popular activities throughout the year. Come see what everyone is talking about!

Road Long Runs


Each week's long run features a well marked, out and back course, to allow you to gradually build your miles as you prepare for race day. In each posted weekly event, we will include the distance for both beginners and intermediate runners, and start times to correspond with your expected pace. For these runs, everyone will stagger their start based on expected pace, with everyone then finishing about the same time. A water station will be present at the beginner turnaround, then refreshments will be supplied at the end of the run. Locations will rotate weekly, and will include portions of the race course. Have fun, and cheer on your fellow runners out there!

5K Runs


To compliment those training for the half, we also offer a 5K route starting a little later in the morning. These are still well marked, out and back routes, where you may run at your comfortable pace. The start times for these runs will slightly change each week to allow all half and 5K runners to meet up after to socialize and enjoy the post run refreshments.

Presentation / Workshops

Select Saturdays

Get the most out of your training by participating in our offered presentations with certified professionals across the field of sports, medicine, and nutrition. Past presentations have covered topics of Yoga, Nutrition, Run Training, Strength Training, Injury Prevention, and Cupping.

Trail Long Runs


Trail runs will occur each week, with the time split between Curt Gowdy (bi-weekly) and in town trails. All runs are planned by time as opposed to mileage. These will not be marked routes, but will be planned based on participants. Water will need to be self supplied during the run, but post run water and refreshments will be provided by the CRC.